[ RadSafe ] Solar radiation causes global warming

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 30 18:15:45 CDT 2007

At 02:51 PM 4/30/2007, Kai Kaletsch wrote:
>If you look closely at the graph, you will notice that the data 
>stops somewhere in the 1980s. I
The data on the graph I sent only go to 1985, but what is important 
is that they show the incredible lock-step correlation between solar 
activity and global temperature from about 1870 to about 1985. For 
example, they show "global warming" from 1890 up until about 1940 and 
then the "global cooling" from about 1940 to 1970 that led to claims 
in the 1970's that we were in danger of a new ice age. Those claims 
were reported in the popular press. From 1970 until 1985 solar 
heating increased as did the global temperature. Now the popular 
press is reporting that we are in danger of being incinerated or at 
least drowned by melting glaciers.

There are no atmospheric carbon data that fit the earth's temperature 
data as well as the solar data.



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