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Otto Raabe wrote:
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At 02:51 PM 4/30/2007, Kai Kaletsch wrote:
>If you look closely at the graph, you will notice that the data stops 
>somewhere in the 1980s. I
The data on the graph I sent only go to 1985, but what is important is
that they show the incredible lock-step correlation between solar
activity and global temperature from about 1870 to about 1985. For
example, they show "global warming" from 1890 up until about 1940 and
then the "global cooling" from about 1940 to 1970 that led to claims in
the 1970's that we were in danger of a new ice age. Those claims were
reported in the popular press. From 1970 until 1985 solar heating
increased as did the global temperature. Now the popular press is
reporting that we are in danger of being incinerated or at least drowned
by melting glaciers.

There are no atmospheric carbon data that fit the earth's temperature
data as well as the solar data.

{JSD comment:  It would be interesting knowing your basis for thinking
this.  Atmospheric scientists who have used a variety of couple OAGCMs
(coupled ocean/atmosphere general circulation models that capture the
physical, chemical, and biological interactions that determine climate)
to investigate the importance of various factors find that they cannot
match 20th Century climate without roughly a 50% influence of greenhouse
gases and aerosol-producing pollutants, 30-35% influence of solar
variations, and the balance due to volcanoes and land-use changes.
Further, you don't respond to Kai's comment about the post-85 data not
supporting the solar influence hypothesis.  Why does it magically stop
working in 1985, just before the two decades of most rapid warming?
Radiation scientists who are grumbly about the politicization of
radiation science would do well to focus on scientific research in the
climate area, rather than transparently special-interest political and
commercial pleadings. End JSD comment]



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