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Kazashi is one of the worldwide leaders of the anti-DU crusade from Hiroshima, Japan.  It is photos like these with questionable actual linkage to DU that are winning over legislators that really have no clue what they are voting on - their next target is the UN and they are pushing hard -- sending you something on that as well.  The anti-DU people are also anti-nuclear; some of them even falsely claim that nuclear enrichment really creates more DU for these "uranium weapons" a term that they have coined to make kinetic energy penetrators far more than what they really are.

Roger Helbig

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Subject: [NoMoreDU] captions collated for the EU photo exhibition book

For those who have got copies of the EU photo exhibition book without 
the photo captions.

I have collated the English captions for the EU photo book to 
match them with the order of the photos. I pasted them below.
I've also made a bilingual version to use it in Japan; we are 
going to insert a printout into the book.

If you want, I could also send you both versions in an attached 
file, too.

Best, Kazashi

List of captions
The Human Cost of Uranium WeaponsThe EU Exhibition by Naomi 
Toyoda,May 14-16, 2007: European Parliament, Brussels

¡Îfront page¡§
The Japanese investigating the "Tank Graveyard" contaminated with 
radiation from depleted uranium and various poisons (Basra, 2002 

Victoria, the daughter of Iraq War Veteran Gerard Matthew, was born 
missing some fingers of her right hand.(April, 2005, New York, USA)

Civilian casualties due to the air-strikes by U.S. and British forces 
increased day after day. (March 2003,Baghdad)

Omar,five years old, suddenly got leukemia. Two months ago he was 
living happily surrounded by his family.(December 2002, Baghdad)

The Japanese investigating the "Tank Graveyard" contaminated with 
radiation from depleted uranium and various poisons (Basra, 2002 

This girl with leukemia has just begun going to the hospital. We can 
only hope she will get better.(April 2003, Baghdad)

Dakh, 6 years old, developed leukemia last year. 2 days after I took 
her photo, she died in her hospital bed.(April 2002, Baghdad)

Nadar died two months after giving birth to a baby who is now three 
months old. (aged 25.) (April 2002, Basra)

The ¡Èeconomic sanction¡É aggravated the children¡Çs 
cancer and leukemia at a high incidence, but Iraqi doctors did their 
best to treat them. This photo shows Dr. Jawad Al-Ali. (May, 2002, 

The US government does not officially admit the causal relationship 
between depleted uranium and leukemia, cancer or any disease, but 
thousands of patients are suffering from these diseases.(December 
2002, Baghdad)


So many children died that a "Children's Graveyard" was built in 
Basra, a city in southern Iraq.(December,2002, Basra)

This Kurdish father, whose son has leukemia, carried him all the way 
to the hospital in Baghdad.(December 2002, Baghdad)

A gigantic bomb dropped on a telephone station destroyed the private 
home next to it. (March 2003, Baghdad)

A child I happened to meet the next day when nearly 60 people were 
killed by an air strike near the market. (March 2003, Baghdad)

A mother looking uneasily at her husband who was being inspected in 
front of a U.S. tank. (April 2003, Baghdad)

A mother can do nothing but soothe her daughter, who often groans in 
pain because of her disease. (December 2002, Baghdad)

This Iraqi tank was demolished by depleted uranium shells and is 
contaminated with radiation. It lies in a residential area. (April 
2003, Mahamdiya)

The center of Baghdad was hit by 30-mm depleted uranium machine-gun 
rounds.(April 2003, Baghdad)

A doctor at a mothers' hospital in the state of Musanna showing 
photos of deformed babies born after the start of the Iraq War: 'I 
have never seen such cases before. This is the first time.¡É A 
memo written on the photo read:¡ÈA baby like a mermaid, with 
only one leg." (March 2004, Samawa, Iraq)

The center of Baghdad was hit by 30-mm depleted uranium machine-gun 
rounds.(April 2003, Baghdad)

p.47 left-lower & P.48
While denying the DU danger, the Japanese government forced all 
members of the Self-Defense Forces deployed in Iraq to wear Geiger 
counters on their chest. However, these Geiger counters are incapable 
of measuring alpha rays or even the gamma rays emitted by the minute, 
scattered particles of DU munitions. The Japanese government 
practiced double deception on the members of the Self-Defense Forces. 
(March 2004, Samawa, Iraq)

p.49 upper¡§
These members of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were sent to Iraq 
in February 2004 by Japanese government, which acknowledged neither 
the use of DU munitions in Iraq by US Forces nor the danger of DU. 
(March 2004, Samawa, Iraq)

P.49 lower¡§
Mr. Herbert Reed and Mr. Gerard Matthew, Iraq War veterans, and Ms. 
Melissa Sterry, a Gulf War veteran, applealing for the abolition of 
DU weapons duringthe NPT Review Conference held at the UN in May 
2005. All were exposed to DU and all are sick. (May 2005, New York)
The air raids have stopped, but the struggle is far from over for the 
children in this leukemia ward. (July 2003, Baghdad)

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