[ RadSafe ] Isotope shortage affects patients

Harold hacrad at comcast.net
Thu Dec 6 10:29:02 CST 2007

The isotope shortage also has to due with anti-nukes.  GE built a complete
reactor and laboratory near Livermore, CA, in the 1970's specifically for
isotope production.  But anti-nuclear fervor and fear of earthquakes halted
licensing.  GE went to the expense of additional ground testing to assure
the licensing bodies that the site was safe but faced with continued legal
crap, the faint hearted GE wimps quit.  Since then the Vallecitos Nuclear
facility has been used for hot cell work and GE office space.  It is still
there on the east side of Interstate 680 as you drive north to Livermore.


Hal Careway

San Jose, CA

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