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Joseph J. Shonka jjshonka at shonka.com
Thu Dec 6 09:59:03 CST 2007

Dear Dave:


I and my co-authors answered this question in Radiation Protection
Management.  I have enclosed scanned images of the papers for your
personal use.


Shonka, J.J., Schrader, B.J., Tschaeche, A.N., Gibeault, G.L., Clarke,
G.W., and Tomblison, M.R.  "Field Estimation of Beta Protection
Factors."  Radiation Protection Management 7(6). November/December 1990.


Shonka, J.J., Tschaeche, A.N., Tomblison, M.R., Gibeault, G.L., Moon,
U.Y., McCoy, G.C., and Schrader, B.J.  "The Response of the RO-2 Survey
Meter to Mixed Radiation Fields."  Radiation Protection Management 6(6):
69-78. November/December 1989.




Joe Shonka


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