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Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Sat Dec 8 15:08:04 CST 2007

It is my opinion that we need to keep commercial advertising off of the
list. Providing a website, such as I include in my signature line for both
GDS as well as Mirion Technologies, is adequate for a member to search. I do
think that it is entirely appropriate for a commercial firm to provide a
response that directly relates to a specific list question, including
discussion on products, technology, etc., again, as long as it directly
relates to the request. Other than that, let's keep the advertisements off
the list.

Sander C. Perle 
Global Dosimetry Solutions, Inc. 
2652 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614

Tel: (949) 296-2306 / (888) 437-1714 ext 2306
Fax:(949) 296-1144

Global Dosimetry Website: http://www.dosimetry.com
Mirion Technologies Website: http://www.mirion.com

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I tend to agree with Cindy and Mike. I think Syd makes a good
point but would rather not see the additional clutter.

Gary Masters

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