[ RadSafe ] Selecting one cancer "risk" near certain nuclear plants

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SELECTION = SIN (foundation of epidemiology)
Chance alone will give 5 of every 100 studies "statistical significance" (p .05 by chance alone),
close to the 37 cases where just 17 were expected, on the average. 
Would they have reported negative studies? How many were considered?

Experiment is needed. Natural experiment of Taiwan apt 0.4Sv addition from CO 60 in the steel
(hundreds of times any addition to the German dose, certainly less than its radon spa dose)
to 10,000 residents for 9-20 years, resulted in only 3.5 cancers/100,000 person -years
 vs 116 expected, more likely prevention of cancer by chronic radiation.   

Did you hear the story about the statistician who drowned, while wading across a creek 
that averaged just 6" deep?

Howard Long 

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