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I don't think you're missing anything.  Radioactive material has to be
disposed of properly.  Otherwise, we could separate our radioactive
waste out into "exempt" quantities and throw them all into the regular
trash or ship them to a baby food factory, which is not the intent of
the law.  A lost 27 pCi source is insignificant and represents zero
health risk (even under the most absurd LNT application) and is not
reportable to the NRC, but it does constitute improper disposal.  As
Barbara pointed out, some states may have slightly differing rules.
While it doesn't meet the reporting thresholds of 20.2201, it's prudent
to write up a paragraph or two about it and keep it on file.  You
probably don't want to report it to the police or call the newspaper
about it.

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That surprised me enough to make me read 20.2001, but I'm not finding an

exempt quantitiy exemption.  Am I missing something?

-Gary Isenhower

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> If the client has a license, then all radioactive material in his
> possession is licensed material.  He can't just say "Oh, it's exempt -
> never mind."  Refer to 10 CFR 20.2001.  It's not reportable under 10
> 20.2201.  

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