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Fri Dec 14 21:00:34 CST 2007

If your personal interests lean towards the technical hands-on aspects of radiation detection, radon collection, geology, rad laboratory experiments or demonstrations, or any other aspect of the radiation field, EXCEPT for human exposure issues, consider joining the GeigerCounterEnthusiasts group at:


"If your bedside reading includes a copy of Knoll's "Radiation Detection and Measurement", you might be a GeigerCounterEnthusiast"

The group appeals to students, beginners and advanced users. There is a special division concerning Gamma Spectroscopy at:


and another board just for beginners at:


They are informative, open to new discussions, and humorous. 

With over 600 *HAND SELECTED* members worldwide, there is a wide range of interest and experience, but everyone is there to share and to learn.

Never any bickering, name calling or cursing. All forums are suitable for young students and ladies.

Everyone is invited, but if you are bad, you will get bounced immediately and permanently. When applying use some radiation related word in the application notes. 

There is even a library of technical literature and equipment manuals, as well as pictures of experimental apparatus and setups.

Mistakes allowed, it's part of the learning process. 

Have Fun (for a change)

George Dowell

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