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Really great responses to the radiological questions. I have learned a LOT and will pass on these actual 
excerpted GEMs to my grandson. I'm sure he can use them in class, try to imagine him using these responses to the instructors questions:

"I'm too educated and smart to answer that question."

"That question is beneath me"

"I am baffled.  What is your point???  "

"What is your motivation for asking that question?"

" I have concerns about your overall motivations"

"That is NOT the question you asked. "

" I'm going to tell the leader of this organization to kick you out"

"This is not the proper forum to discuss issues like that!"

"There are too many undefined parameters to answer that question"

"Are you sincere, or are you baiting me?"

"Life is too short, move on!"

"Is there anybody out there who knows this person, who wants to proof that
all those excellent experts on  XXXX are idiots?????"

"Mr. Whatever you want to be addressed,"

"Do you really have a need for an answer?"

"I hardly can express my gratitute to you for putting this topic into
perspective TRANSLATION: I have no idea"

"So what's the correct answer?  You've got me curious. "

"I suggest you back off."

"You bombard me every few hours with your mails. I am sorry, but I am not
only not able to follow your "arguments", but also otherwise your mailings
are difficult to understand. "

"I'm not here to waste time and play games.  I answered a question based
on documented data.  If you want to explain why it is wrong, fine.  I
answered because I am interested, but not enough to waste time.  If you
have a reason why this is not correct explain.  If not stop wasting
peoples time. I have more important things to do."

"I did not send an answer to this question, because I thought it must be a

"What question are you trying to ask? "

"On vacation back December 26th.  Happy Holiday"

Thanks to all who responded, by the way, 

the grandson is in 3rd grade.

Now wrap you brain around the TEACHER using these answers on the student's questions. 

George Dowell

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." - Albert Einstein (1879-1955) ...

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