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All Po-210 in the US is supplied by Russia now. Per my conversation with the 
reactor boys at Oak Ridge.

Po-210 in liquid is nasty because it tends to "crawl' up the sides of the 
container. Perhaps this is from the  "equal and opposite action/reaction"
kinetic energy gained by alpha emission. There is a huge recoil reaction 
upon each decay. Being very poisonous, an LD50 lethal quantity is not to 
large. I calculated it was only about .12 mg or 550 microCuries worth (my 
calcs), but never had that verified by an expert. I've read that an inhaled 
dose of only 1/10th that amount can be fatal.

In the US, a sealed quantity test source has an EXEMPT QUANTITY of 1/10th 
microCurie only. ( Schedule B, 10 CFR 30.71)

If a solid foil form will
work, a generally licensed STATICMASTER 3" brush refills contain 500 
microCuries each, cost about
$20.00 each.  We use them for alpha sources to power our research 

Perhaps if you can get more information as to the researcher's application, 
someone on
RADSAFE may be able to recommend an alternative isotope.

Good luck.

I've been told my posts are too basic for this group and a waste of 
time.Comments welcome one way or the other.

George Dowell

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One of the researchers here is hoping to find a supplier of 50 mCi of
Po-210, preferably in solution.  Could someone offer some insight as to
where I might start my research to procure this material?

Elaine T. Marshall, CHP

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