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Marco Caceci chemitech at chemitech.com
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See www.radal.com, they use GM tubes hence they respond down to 20-30 keV,
in case you are after the low energy x-rays from excited electron levels in
the products...
Plastic scintillators hardly ever are specified to go below say 50 keV, and
then, since calibration and sensitivity are done/specified with Cs137, field
installations have been known to be set with thresholds as high as 500 keV
(that cuts down the background...). Anyhow, if you had a system working
using plastic, GMs will do.
Hope this  helps.

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Dear RadSafers --
I am in search of information concerning portal monitors capable of
detecting gamma radiation from nuclides that decay via EC; therefore
traditional gas flow proportional detectors are not appropriate.  At our
facility we have older "Gamma 60" units with plastic scintillation
detectors that were manufactured by National Nuclear Corporation.
However, parts for these units have become increasingly difficult to

If anyone has recommendations on available systems to supplement or
replace our existing units please contact me.  I would also be
interested in any positive or negative experiences that folks have had
with specific manufacturer's units. 

Thank you.

Dan Hoffman

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