[ RadSafe ] a question about 'canary' personal dosimeters

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You should definitely tell people not to have their EPDs to close to a
working cell phone. Not all of the EPDs have problems with this since
the newer ones are often shielded for EMF. We encountered the same kind
of problems in the past with some of our (unshielded) EPD's. Therefore,
as a rule we tell our students and staff to wear it on the other side of
their body and not next to their mobile phone. Even receiving one SMS
message could result in a nonsense dose of 100-200 microSv. Explaining
this to people who are unaware of this or are just starting a course in
health physics can be quite a challenge.

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Dear friends,
A weird thing happened today - I've had the canary detector right next
to my
Nokia cell phone and when it rung the detector went berserk (counted
100 microSv in about 10 seconds - before I've answered the call).  Tried
on purpose afterwards - the same story but another ringing cell phone
to canary produced no effect...
Has anyone seen anything like that before?  Should I tell people to whom
giving the dosimeters not to have close to the cell phone?
Kind regards
Nick Tsurikov
Eneabba, Western Australia
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