[ RadSafe ] a question about 'canary' personal dosimeters

Cheng Kit-man rhu_ic at dh.gov.hk
Thu Dec 20 02:26:39 CST 2007

Dear Nick,


Electronic dosimeters can be affected by RF fields if they are inadequately
shielded from RF interferences.  Spurious counts might be induced to the
electronic circuitry of the dosimeter if it is placed near a strong
time-varying EM fields.


It may be necessary to ensure that electronic instruments are properly
shielded from RF interference if these instruments are to work in areas
where such fields may exist.


Clement Cheng

Radiation Health Unit

Department of Health

Hong Kong SAR, China


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Dear friends,

A weird thing happened today - I've had the canary detector right next to my

Nokia cell phone and when it rung the detector went berserk (counted about

100 microSv in about 10 seconds - before I've answered the call).  Tried it

on purpose afterwards - the same story but another ringing cell phone next

to canary produced no effect...

Has anyone seen anything like that before?  Should I tell people to whom I'm

giving the dosimeters not to have close to the cell phone?

Kind regards

Nick Tsurikov

Eneabba, Western Australia


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