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Hello Sandy,
  I apologize to the radsafe community if I violated the spirit of radsafe; the intention to violate was not there. I saw some other companies mentioned prior to my posting (Thermo, Radal, etc..) and thought it was then ok to post ours. 
  I put two links (within the entire webpage) that were of some revelance to the question posed were put in. My intention was to follow the links with a summary of information on those links.
  Best Wishes,
  Zaid Farukhi

Sandy Perle <sandyfl at cox.net> wrote:
  The post below is nothing more than a commercial advertisement. It would
have been simply better for Mr. Farukkhi to respond either privately
(providing details) or to simply state some basic information. Providing
each web link with advertising goes against the rules of the list, more so
than the complaints about George and his posts.

Holiday Greetings to all!


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Dear Daniel,

See www.rexon.com ... Rexon Components, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio

http://www.rexon.com/GCC.htm = REFURBISH OLD DETECTORS ... Rexon often
refurbishes detectors back to original specs (or better) - save costs vs. a
expensive new one. Details exist on site. If want a new detector, that is
possible too.

http://www.rexon.com/RP408.htm = Plastic Scintillator similar formulation
to BC-408 
(also custom plastic detector design is quite normal from original concept
to drawing to final production).

Also European Office exists as well for help. You are welcome to contact
me if you like.

Zaid Farukhi

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