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Fri Dec 28 20:43:44 CST 2007

Well, I have to admit I'm in the camp with those that tend to think our  
"fourth branch of government," as it's been referred to, has grown out of  control.
I also read John's comment, below, and thought, "hmmm...I'll  bet that EPA 
probably does some kind of rulemaking nearly every day," so I  skimmed through 
the Federal Register for January, February, and November 2007,  and found that 
EPA published at least 15 final or proposed rules each  month.  Given there's 
only 22 working days per month, that's pretty close  to "every day."  And, 
that's just one agency.
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crispy_bird at yahoo.com writes:

But  regulations have to be posted in the Federal Register for a commentary 
period  for public review, so I doubt they do it every day.


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