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Syd's comment below reminded me of my Administrative Law Class in law  
school.  My professor, in introducing agency adjudications, asked the class  if we 
remembered the cartoon with Elmer Fudd facing off with Daffy Duck in a  boxing 
ring, and as the camera pans back, we see that the referrees are ducks,  and 
that the reporters are ducks, and the judges are ducks, and then that the  
whole audience are ducks.  We all laughed, and then he said, if you ever  have an 
adjudication before the EPA, remember, you are Elmer Fudd, everyone else  
there will be ducks.
It got the point across.
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syd.levine at mindspring.com writes:

Congress  merely says regulate some particular activity, and EPA is charged 
with  developing the administrative law to accomplish same.  Worse yet, if  
the agency decides you have violated some provision of this voluminous  
administrative law, you get the dubious honor of having the matter  
adjudicated before an "administrative law judge", generally an employee of  
the agency that promulgated the regulation to begin with.  If you  ever do 
get to see a "real" judge, deference will be given to the agency (  a nice 
way of saying what you say will not  matter).


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