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Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
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Sandy, Do you have any examples of how these story affect the
public.  Sure, they may "tick" you and others off, but
exactly who, besides the people on this list server
give a d***?


Two sets of parents who filed a lawsuit in Florida (public knowledge), each
couple with one of their children who developed a childhood cancer.  One of
the children died from that cancer.

The Tooth Fairy people have held public forums and the like in Florida,
received press there and nationally. 

As part of those lawsuits, the Sr-90 emissions from the FPL plants were
cited as a culprit. 

While I do not have proof that the misinformation from the RPHP Tooth Fairy
Project folks was the impetus for their lawsuits, they very likely were.
Reason: those children had the expected background Sr-90 in their baby
teeth, certainly tested by RPHP.

Besides the tragedy of the one cancer death and the one cancer incidence,
the other tragedy is that these people may have been given false hope that
the cause of those cancers was Sr-90 via the baby teeth collection and
analysis efforts of the RPHP people.

Such lawsuits were predicted by some of us... 



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