AW: AW: [ RadSafe ] New Airport X-Rays Scan Bodies, Not Just Bags

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Of course, there is no indication that this equipment
will prevent terrorist from blowing up aircraft.  They
read the news and are very adaptable.

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> ALARA means what it says, as low as reasonably
> achievable. This does not mean zero dose. Evaluation
> of the task and supportt for or against the dose
> determines if the dose to be received is warranted.
> I suspect that a majority of travelers worldwide
> would accept this small dose for the peace and mind
> of knowing that the risk of a catastrophy has been
> reduced, even if the risk has not been entirely
> eliminated.
> Sandy Perle
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> ALARA!!!!!!
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> Bodies, Not Just Bags
> ALARA is alive and well in USA, to an extreme
> extent.
> In this case, the extra dose, estimated to be 10
> microrem is almost
> non-radiation dose. The privacy aspects is an issue
> and has to be evaluated
> against the risks trying to be mitigated. The
> article and Stu,s 0comments
> are about the dose received, the doctor's comments,
> and had nothing to do
> about the image resolution considerations.
> I would be surprised that anyone considers this 10
> microrem dose to be an
> issue.
> Sandy Perle
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