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Fri Mar 2 19:57:42 CST 2007

Syd, you are late to respond. If you find my "invocation offensive and
disingenuous" I can only answer that I find recently more than enough
"offensive and disingenuous" messages on RADSAFE, which seem to be
"justified" by political propaganda. What you call "politically correct
trashing of the USA" seems to be a process, which is backed not only by more
than half of this worlds governments, but even according to US standards by
probably more than half of the US population. 

Your reference to your "humorously reminding me that I would speak German,
but for US involvement in WWII" I answered as far as I remember that I speak
German as rougly estimated 95% of Austrians do. This was not a little joke
but an offence - ignored by me. If you did not understand this answer, blame
it on your lack of knowledge. 

Especially regarding Auschwitz it is well known, that the Allies knew about
this annihilation camp ("death camp" is in my opinion a "politically
correct" belittlement). 

No, no more discussion on that. Get back to Radiation Protection and RADSAFE
topics - if you want to discuss on the Nazi history, send mails to my
private mail.  

Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
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I also lost relatives at in the death camps.  I find Franz's invocation 
offensive and disingenuous.  Further, I am sick and tired of the politically

correct trashing of the US he constantly engages in.  I humorously reminded 
Franz that he would be speaking German but for US involvement in WWII, but 
that little joke was lost on him.  But the truth of the matter is that 
Europeans owe the US everything, and ought to own up to it.

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> Franz, so, you've visited Auschwitz. I'm impressed. You've visited this
> death camp. I've lost relatives there. So keep your opinions to yourself!
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