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Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
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Thank you for your references. 

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that we need to "quit sticking our 
national nose into everyone else's business." Our government has done that
way too often, attempting to instill our way of life on others, who will
never do so. Cultures are different, history is different, and it's time our
elected politicians follow the will of the people instead of trying to make
a name for themselves, or, providing the very lobbyists and financial
supporters who helped get them into office, wealthy and more powerful.

The only disagreement I have with you and others who have stated that there
is no need for additional security measures, that there is a paranoia about
security, is to say that many of the terrorist groups have continued to
state their fascination with terror through the use of airlines. This comes
from their own documents and statements. The many terrorist groups are well
funded, they individuals are well educated, they have demonstrated that they
can plan extremely complicated plots, and, they have unbelievable patience.
Yes, they will find kinks in the amour, but that doesn't mean that we should
give up trying to outsmart them. The last factor is the human factor. When
an individual is willing to give up their life for a cause that they
strongly believe in, the task of thwarting their efforts is even more
difficult. The so-called paranoia is also not just a USA delusion. Many of
the European airports (and I am not talking just about terminals and gates
that ultimately funnel passengers to the USA) each have their own x-ray
scanning equipment at each gate in addition to the general security
check-points. These are terminals and gates that only transport individuals
within the EU for example, and throughout the orient as well. As far as the
new body scanners, that too will not just be a USA option. Other countries
will also be evaluating the pilot testing here, and will be installing these
units their airports as well. We don't drive that, their concerns do.

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-----Original Message-----
The solution is not more people snooping through travelers' 
luggage, not more Homeland "Security"/TSA goon squads, and not more x-ray 
scanners operated by higher-paid inspectors.  It is to quit sticking our 
national nose into everyone else's business.  Don't we have enough problems 
at home to keep us busy?

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