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Steven, Franz and other "radsafers"

Don't forget Canada


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> March 4
>         You are correct, Franz, in stating that "this list is an 
> international one".  I would like to hear something from Austria.  Why 
> don't you present a short discussion and assessment of the current state 
> of ALARA in Austria.  (I do not know how widespread ALARA is, and am 
> assuming it is used in Austria.)  You could tell us how Austrian 
> regulators interpret and apply ALARA.  You could explain what the nuclear 
> industry thinks of the regulators, and of ALARA, and how the industry 
> copes with both.  That would be a good place to start.  After that has 
> been thrashed out, we could move on to ALARA in other European countries, 
> and in the Scandanavian countries.
> Steven Dapra
> sjd at swcp.com
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