[ RadSafe ] unbelievable and unacceptable messages on RADSAFE

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Sun Mar 4 18:39:37 CST 2007

Having given the matter serious consideration (interrupted by  2.7 
blizzards, the South Pole weekly mean, SD=0.3) and three conference 
calls with Dog, the Polar Bear & Penguin Association has elected to 
refrain from participating in this flap. They are apprehensive about 
Austria and Kashmir foreign service interventions to impose new ALARA 
interpretations. Tuvalu update will follow.
Best wishes to all Nations,
Dog&Maury       (maurysis at peoplepc.com)
Visit the South Pole; nary a tsunami in 3,456 years!
Steven Dapra wrote:

> March 4
>         Canada?  What's that?  (Har, har.)
>         Okay, John, jump in.  What's going in Canada (or at least in 
> British Columbia) with ALARA?
>         India?  Pakistan?  South Africa?  Brazil?  Mexico?  This is an 
> international list.  Let's hear from everyone.  (South Pole?)
> Steven Dapra


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