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March 4


         Thank you for posting these links.  I was looking for descriptions 
of day-to-day activity on the ALARA front, such as how industry, hospitals, 
and commercial users cope with regulators.  I am sure accounts of the 
public perception of regulators, regulations, and rad users would also be 
welcome to all.


At 03:56 PM 3/4/07 -0800, John R Johnson wrote:
>The best place to find ALARA requirements in Canada is in G-129 Revision 
>1, 2004. It can be found at 
>I looked in an old Worksafe BC requirement (from when they were called the 
>WCB)  called Part 7 that I have on my computer but could not find a 
>reference to ALARA. My information was taken 
>Guidelines Part 7 - Division 3 - Radiation Exposure; downloaded on 03/02/06.
>I think that ALARA has been commonly considered in Canada, even when it 
>was call ALAP, but did find that this was the case in the US when I worked 
>there from 1988 to 1999.
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