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Ruth Sponsler jk5554 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 20:14:31 CST 2007

What if, by some crazy fluke, the French nationalist
Jean-Marie LePen were elected on April 22nd and he
decided to stick his nose into *our* business?  What
if France finally got tired of being labeled as
"ungrateful" and started standing up very strongly for
itself - - and the target was the U.S.?  

Just a hypothesis that is hardly based on reality...  

If the U.S. wants to stick its nose into others'
business too often, others will want to peek into our
tent too.

Sometimes, as in WWII, foreign intervention on the
part of our country is necessary, but I think it's
gone too far lately. 

I'd like to see our country reach out to at least the
conservative parties in Europe like the CDU/CSU in
Germany and the UMP in France.  For the last few
years, U.S. politicians have been bashing 'em all as
"ungrateful" or as "socialists" -- with no recognition
of the political spectrum that exists in Europe.  

Granted, the Socialist parties in Europe are pretty
leftist, anti-business, and anti-nuclear.  These guys
do not represent the entirety of European public
opinion.  There are plenty of business-friendly
politicians in Europe who would happily work with the
U.S. if we stopped the Europe-bashing.

However, the United States must acknowledge that
hardly *any* Europeans, even on the Right, supported
the Iraq war.


Context: I support French conservative Nicolas Sarkozy
because he is a potential friend to Europe as well as
the U.S., he supports of the French nuclear energy
program, and because he's "tough on crime."  The other
French candidates including Socialist Segolene Royal
and Rightist J.M. LePen are basically a joke because
they're too extreme on the Left (Segolene Royal) or on
the Right (J.M. LePen).


--- "Syd H. Levine" <syd.levine at mindspring.com> wrote:

> Somebody needs to stick their nose into a few folks'
> business.  Are we proud 
> we exercised restraint and allowed millions to be
> murdered by the Nazis 
> before we decided to mind their business?  What
> about Pol Pot; we sat idly 
> by while millions were murdered because after
> Vietnam, it certainly was not 
> politically expedient to get involved in that part
> of the world.  Pol Pot 
> appears to be second only to Hitler in the
> extermination of innocents.  I 
> suspect that someday, our involvement in the middle
> east right now may be 
> viewed in a different light, whatever our ungrateful
> European friends may 
> presently think.
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> Steven,
> Thank you for your references.
> I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that we
> need to "quit sticking our
> national nose into everyone else's business." Our
> government has done that
> way too often, attempting to instill our way of life
> on others, who will
> never do so. ...

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