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garyi at trinityphysics.com garyi at trinityphysics.com
Mon Mar 5 13:40:20 CST 2007

We stick our nose into things that threaten our survival or the survival of our "progeny". When 
nutters try to clean up the local gene pool with a dose of ethnic cleansing, we also stick our 
noses in, if we have the resources and the moral will to do so.  Either situation justifies some 
level of military butt kicking, and we extend that wilingness to use force for the protection of 
our allies.  

Radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to our survival, and even more of a threat to the survival 
of our progeny.  Demographically, the Europeans who were our good friends back in the 
1940s and 50s are dying out.  Their population is decreasing with a half-life of around 20 to 
40 years, because they do not choose to reproduce.  They are being replaced by a rapid 
influx of Muslims, who reproduce with vigor.  So the problem for the US is that at some point 
in the future, many if not most European nations will be Muslim.  If radical Islamic terrorism is 
sufficiently alive and well at that time, it will seek control of the government, the military, and 
the nuclear weapons of those countries.  What will happen then?  Why, it is quite simple.  We 
will have a go at destroying each other, of course.  And it is important to remember that this 
will not simply be Cold War: Round 2.  No, this new enemy has no instinct for self-
preservation, and is perfectly happy to die as long as you, unbeliever, will die also.  Mutually 
Assured Destruction would not be a deterent, it would be a goal.

How can the US prevent this?  The only course of action with any apparent hope of success 
is to eliminate terrorism, especially the radical Islamic type.  So when we find terrorists or 
countries that sponsor terrorists, we need to step on them as hard as we can.  That is why 
we are in Iraq.  For America, 911 was the kitchen light switched on in the middle night, 
revealing an infestation that we, till then, knew of only remotely and vaguely.  It was a 
horrifying sight, because these vermin were determined to have the corpses of our friends 
and family members, instead of last night's pizza crumbs.   The vision crystallized our 
resolve, and we squashed the most obvious and blatant roach that we saw: Saddam 
Hussein.  Unfortunately, his fellow vermin have gone to ground and are campaigning to get 
the light switched off again.

Christianity sponsored the Inquisition at one point.  Aren't you glad that it didn't have nuclear 
weapons then!  Modern Christians shudder at the memory of the Inquisition.  In the same 
way, I hope that all Muslims will one day shudder at the memory of the innocent blood spilled 
in the name of Islam.

Gary Isenhower

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