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Eric D edaxon at satx.rr.com
Sun Mar 4 20:26:39 CST 2007


I enjoy your perspective.  The same argument is going on in the US.  Is the
tradeoff between personal privacy and reduction in terrorist threat worth
it?  Many in the US agree with your opinion.  Respectfully, I do not.  My
wife agrees with you by the way.

Here is my perspective.  First, at this point the x-ray screening is done
when the walk-through alarms.  At this point the passenger is asked if they
want a pat-down or to use the x-ray.  This may change.

Second, I believe the threat is real.  I base this upon 9/11 and the recent
publicized, defeated attempts to bomb planes with US passengers.  I can only
assume that others were stopped that are not read about and others were
deterred because of the difficulty.  The terrorist organization responsible
for 9/11 has been at war with the US since the mid 80's.

Third, in my opinion, this new technology is worth it from a privacy and
ALARA perspective.  I believe this because the evidence in my opinion still
points to terrorists trying new methods to defeat our screening systems to
bomb planes with US citizens aboard.  This system is meant to fill a gap.

Good thing about living in democratic societies, as most do, we can vote the
"buggers" out of office who do not agree with us.

I am interested in your perspective on the probability of terrorist threats.
If you Email me directly.  I would appreciate it.

Eric Daxon

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What has been during the last days and partly during the last weeks
distributed on RADSAFE is not only unbelievable to a European with ties all
over the world, but it is unacceptable to any person trying to promote
international understanding, like I do and what in my opinion one of the not
openly promoted goals of RADSAFE should be. I do not explicitely refer to
the Nazi speak, which obviously continues, but I have recently several times
stated that this list is an international one, but obviously some US
hardliners still regard it as "their own", which can be clearly observed by
the fact that postings, not fitting to their preconceived opinion are
flamed. Therefore I am extremely grateful that (unfortunately only a few)
scientists have found clear words against this fearmongering about
hypothetical terrorist attacks which allows one country to treat airline
passengers by the tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions like
potential criminals and finally now "forcing" them to pose naked at
check-in. ALARA is in this context a rather small point compared with the
intrusion of the private sphere.

We have had at RADSAFE during many years a large amount of contributions
dealing with the extremely low probability of harm by DU, other discharges
etc. I accept them all without any restriction. But then I may be allowed to
ask about the probability of becoming a victim at an aeroplane, which has
not checked passengers "parading" naked before boarding. 

ALARA means "as low as reasonably achievable" - many have obviously
forgotten this meaning. Reasonably achievable is to prohibit any radiation
application which does not pose any reasonable advantage - and the airport
X-ray screening is in this category.

Best regards,

Franz (for all except Mr. Perle)

Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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