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Ruth Sponsler jk5554 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 21:06:07 CST 2007

I believe the 50 microrems or whatever it is from the
x-ray screening is truly insignificant, especially
when compared to normal variations in natural
background.  If I were that concerned about ALARA, I'd
rush out of my mountain home to live in New Orleans -
- until hurricane season!  :-) 

ALARA should be interpreted *reasonably* using natural
background variations for comparison.  There is a
difference of several tens of millirem/y between
Denver and New Orleans or between Innsbruck and
Hamburg because of terrain (granitic rock) and

I am somewhat concerned about the privacy implications
of the use of the x-ray because it "sees under
clothes."  However, I would much rather have the x-ray
screening than a pat-down because the pat-down is more
invasive and involves physical contact between
screener and passenger.

In my last message I expressed my opinion that U.S.
intervention in Iraq has gone too far.  However, I
believe that there is definitely a threat from
terrorism that is exacerbated by religious extremism,
coupled with lack of economic opportunities in some
parts of the Muslim world (cf. Sudan).  The large oil
revenues that have flowed from the U.S. and Europe to
countries like Saudi Arabia have helped to fund
Waha'abism, which is the strict branch of Islam of
which some extremist sects have branched off to
espouse jihad.

Anything the West can do to secure energy independence
will help it in the fight against terrorism.  I
mentioned Nicolas Sarkozy in my last email.  I like
his policies because he both supports France's nuclear
energy program (as opposed to fossil fuel imports) and
because he would be strict on illegal immigration into
France (largely from Muslim countries).  

I believe that a policy of energy independence and
control of one's own borders on the part of Europe and
the United States is far more effective against
terrorism than military aggression.  

That being said, there are times when measures like
the "x-ray that sees under clothes" are necessary.  



--- Eric D <edaxon at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> Franz,
> I enjoy your perspective.  The same argument is
> going on in the US.  Is the
> tradeoff between personal privacy and reduction in
> terrorist threat worth
> it?  Many in the US agree with your opinion. 
> Respectfully, I do not.  My
> wife agrees with you by the way.
> Here is my perspective.  First, at this point the
> x-ray screening is done
> when the walk-through alarms.  At this point the
> passenger is asked if they
> want a pat-down or to use the x-ray.  This may
> change.
>> ....

Franz Schoenhofer wrote:

> ALARA means "as low as reasonably achievable" - many
> have obviously
> forgotten this meaning. Reasonably achievable is to
> prohibit any radiation
> application which does not pose any reasonable
> advantage - and the airport
> X-ray screening is in this category.

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