[ RadSafe ] [QUESTION] EU Survey Shows 61% Of Citizens Want Less Nuclear Power

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Re-eending this request for information. The original sent 30 minutes 
ago has not received confirmation. 

Based on the survey below, several questions are obvious:

(1) Other than France and Finland, what is the current capacity of 
generation power and demand in those countries who are opposed to 
nuclear generation?

(2) If the current demand can not be met, where are they purchasing 
the additional required electrical generation?

(3) How does the above change considering that many of these 
countries are stating that they will shutdown their nuclear plants 
over a specific time period?

(4) How realistic is a policy that focuses on wind and solar, and not 
until 2020, to meet the increasing electricity demands?

(5) What are the economics for the wind and solar generation compared 
to nuclear? What will "clean coal fired plants" cost compared to 
current technology, including nuclear.

(6) How will political environment potentially change the above?


EU Survey Shows 61% Of Citizens Want Less Nuclear Power 

BRUSSELS -(Dow Jones) Mar 5 - Concerns about possible accidents and 
radioactive waste have pushed 61% of European Union citizens to say 
they want the bloc to use less nuclear power, an E.U. survey showed 

At the same time, a majority of survey respondents said they were 
concerned about climate change, which they attribute to the 
consumption of fossil fuels. 

Nuclear power is a contentious issue in Europe. While E.U. officials 
acknowledge it is one of the cheapest sources of low carbon energy, 
they are unwilling to push for more reactors.

Finland and France are unabashedly pro-nuclear and building new 
reactors. Other countries, such as Austria and Germany, oppose 
nuclear energy.

Instead of turning to nuclear power, E.U. officials are pushing fuel 
sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. Clean coal technology 
is also slated to be installed in the E.U. by 2020. 

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