[ RadSafe ] RE: Stephen Dapra's Comments

Shawn Hughes (Road2) srh at esper.com
Mon Mar 5 12:10:56 CST 2007



I'm not going to play 'cut and paste' commando with you. You seem passionate
about foisting your opinion, no matter how liberal or revisionistic it may
be upon the rest of us. 

I, and many others like me disagree.

For instance:

"Since the inception of Homeland Security/TSA I have read many stories in
the popular press about their heavy-handed and tyrannical 

I am trying to recall.... What do we call those that label a race or group
of people after making a snap judgement using a few observations?  Oh - and
'many stories'. How many is many? Especially considering over 600 MILLION
people flew in just US domestic flights last year. But, I am certain you'll
have many witty anecdotes that perfectly dovetail your position to refute
anything I say. Bravo! 

Anyway, you are welcome to keep your position and point of view. Absolutely
none of this has to do with radiation protection. I have zero interest in
turning this list into alt.theorys.speculation.world.politics because I have
been very tired of hearing the others argue, so it seems wrong of me to
perpetuate it. I responded only because I didn't want you to think your
blinding insight silenced me. ;)


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