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You might remember that especially in the 80's and early  90's hijacking was
a kind of everyday event. This did not only include  Muslims, but to a much
higher extent all from Russians to escape to the  West, Cubans forcing
deviation to Cuba, members of the German RAF to  liberate imprisoned members,
etc. etc. This terror has declined to zero as  far as I know. 
For one simple reason as I see (this answer applies to US based high  jacking 
Prior to 9/11 if say a flight from Cuba was high jacked wanting to go to  
Miami it was likely a Cuban seeking political asylum etc. No doubt the plane  
would divert and the situation resolved with no real fanfare BUT then 19 Me too  
4 planes (likely more in the offing) and intentionally slammed into buildings. 
 no demands, no ransoms, nothing just murders in excess of 3500 including 343 
 members of the FDNY and over 70 law enforcement officers from PAPD and NYPD. 
Now as a "typical" red blooded American male here's my response to the Pre  
9/11 high jacking if I am on the plane. I am made as it's cutting into my life, 
 I understand this Cuban wanting off that island for a variety of reasons but 
 he's taking MY time. On the day I fly for the first time in a post 9/11  
world my attitude is really simple, if some SOB stands up with a weapon he's not  
gonna have a good day at least I'll try to be like those in United flight 93. 
No  way is ANYONE taking this plane while I'm on it is my motto. 

Other  forms of terror have involved, but this seems to be a shortlived one - 
do not  claim it to enhanced "security". 

My personal opinion then and also  nowadays: If the mass media would not have
covered these events and  especially the politically motivated ones to such
an event no terrorists  would have any more used this potential blackmail. 

Well on that I would tend to agree with you. Let's talk about Spain. They  
bailed out of Iraq not long after their trains were bombed in Madrid yes? Since  
they left has there been any other acts well as a matter of fact several. So  
those terrorists got what they wanted then wanted some more. The US has a 
ling  held policy to not negotiate with terrorists, the day we do is the day we 
begin  to die. 

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