[ RadSafe ] Terror Motive ?

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 15:59:41 CST 2007

Howard Long wrote:

> Would the Caliphate use an A bomb on nearby San Francisco, Sin City?

The San Francisco Bar Area, by virtue perhaps of its great weather,
has become the permanent or part-year home of large segments of the
world's ultra-rich, including immigrants and foreign nationals from
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.  Many of the world's very wealthy who
live here are not constrained by strict religious mores derived from
Bronze Age myths unlike leaders in Riyadh, Tehran, and Washington D.C.
who must give extensive lip-service to their subjects' myths in order
to remain in power.  However, many of the most powerful people in
Iran, Saudi Arabi, Jordan, and even Syria, have extensive family in
the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our multinational heritage is a source of
great economic and social strength in our community.  If an A-bomb
attack were to occur in the Western US, I think it would be much more
likely in San Diego, with it's large and easily accessible military
harbor area, or Las Vegas, which actually is called "sin city" unlike
San Francisco.

However, if an anti-US terrorist group obtained one or a few A-bombs,
then I think it is much more likely that they would try to detonate
from the tall residential buildings just North of the FBI building in
Washington, DC.

I don't think it is a question of "if," but "when."  Putting full body
x-ray scanners in the airports isn't going to help this.  We need to
get the diplomacy of State Department promoted above the war-making
functions of the Defense Department.  For too long diplomacy has been
relativly ignored in the US.  Things could have been so much better,
and they still can be.

James Salsman

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