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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Mon Mar 5 21:19:22 CST 2007

March 5

         Who was the Soviet agent at Malta -- oops -- did you mean 
Yalta?  I knew about the National Socialist acronym.

         That "Soviet" DC-3 may have been one that was reverse engineered 
from some US planes that were forced to land in Siberia.  (Forced by bad 
weather and lack of fuel for the return trip to a US-controlled 
base.)  Stalin refused to return the planes -- in effect he stole them.  I 
don't know what happened to the crews.  I also cannot remember where I read 
about this.

Steven Dapra

At 04:20 PM 3/5/07 -0800, Raymond A Hoover wrote:
>Actually, Roosevelt had a number of Soviet agents on his staff (the U.S. 
>didn't know it at the time of course).  In point of fact Rossevelt's chief 
>adviser at the Malta conference was a Soviet agent.   Stalin knew more 
>about the Manhatten Project than Truman did when he took over from Roosevelt.
>Let me also point out that the Soviets and the Nazis (bet you didn't know 
>that Nazi is an acronym for National Socialst, i.e. the Nazis were 
>socialists) had more than one agreement during the inter war period.  The 
>Soviets provided training areas for the German army in exchange for 
>advanced training, the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement that partitioned 
>Poland are two examples).
>While it is true that Stalin was constantly asking for a second front, the 
>West hadn't abandoned him.  The U.S. provided a great deal of assistance 
>the Soviets that allowed them to continue fighting.  As one example when I 
>was in Kiev I toured a War Museum.  In one corner of the museum there sat 
>a DC-3.  The sign on the walkway said it was a Soviet plane.  It was 
>either a copy of some of the U.S. support.  The U.S. gave the Soviets lots 
>of  infrastructure support (vehicles, food, medicine, etc). most of which 
>was never aknowledged by the Soviets.
>None of this is related to adiation stuff of course.
>John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I don't think there was any "love affair" between FDR
>and Stalin. After WWI there was a powerful
>isolationist movement in this country. Our entry into
>WWII was delayed by the "America First" movement, a
>member of which was the American hero Charles
>Also, there was fear of the rise Communism. And who
>better to fight the Communist that the Facists?
>Even before the US entered the European front, we had
>arrangements with Britain, e.g., Lend-Lease policy.
>At the outset of our involvement, Stalin pushed for a
>second front. Instead the US and Britain push through
>North Africa, into the Mediterranian. Basically, the
>Soviet Union breed the Nazis with their own soldiers
>and citizens until we finally invaded Normandy.
>--- Steven Dapra wrote:
>Rest deleted.
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