[ RadSafe ] RE: Terror in the US & world at large: Thread closed!

Marcel Schouwenburg m.schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Wed Mar 7 06:26:23 CST 2007

Dear RadSafers,

In a renewed attempt to keep the list on the Health Physics track I 
hereby issue a general announcement to the whole list (besides several 
individual messages to some subscribers) regarding the below mentioned 
thread (and some others):

RE: Terror in the US & world at large: Thread closed!

I will start using these kinds of announcements frow now on whenever I 
see the list getting out of track. I expect RadSafe list members to stop 
sending message regarding closed threads to the list since I'm not 
intending to make the list pre-moderated. Pre-moderating the list will 
only take the dynamics out of RadSafe and will create an extra threshold 
for members intending to send a message. This is definitely not 
something I prefer since I don't like to punish the mass for the 
behaviour of a few members. However, it might become necessary in the 
(near) future to start pre-moderating if messages, similar to those 
posted recently, keep appearing on the list.

As a reminder I resend the link to the RadSafe rules: 

Finally, remember you can use the delete button or use an e-mail filter 
(as indicated before by several RadSafers).

With kind regards,

Marcel Schouwenburg
Head / Lecturer Training Centre Delft, Health Physicist, expert level 2
RadSafe Moderator & Listowner
National Centre for Radiation Protection (Dutch abbr. NCSV)

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The Netherlands
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