[ RadSafe ] Breast Cancer Risk, and working in Radiology / Nuclear Medicine

Diane Griffiths dianegriffiths at comcast.net
Fri Mar 9 16:38:41 CST 2007

I have some nurses that work in Angiography, Cardiac Cath, and Nuclear 
Medicine cardiology that are convinced their jobs are causing Breast Cancer. 
Out of 10 nurses that work in these areas, 2 of them recently were diagnosed 
with breast cancer. I have had multiple meetings with them in the last 
month, and no matter what I tell them they are still freaked out. I have 
found some articles that show that the incidence of breast cancer from 
working in these departments is very low. They don't believe the studies and 
information I have provided them. Their average exposure for these nurses is 
approximately 100 mRem per year. (Some of these nurses have been employed 
since 2002)

They asked me to check with various hospitals to see what percentage of 
females working in Radiology / Nuclear Medicine are being diagnosed with 
breast cancer and how long they have been working around radiation. Can 
anyone help me with some information from your experiences that may help me 
calm down these nurses?

I don't want them afraid to work in these areas so I would appreciate any 
information that will help them. They insist that the information I have 
provided them is not real world information, thus them wanting me to check 
with other hospitals.


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