[ RadSafe ] Exempt neutron sources

Marco Caceci chemitech at chemitech.com
Mon Mar 12 04:12:41 CDT 2007

Thanks to all who commented on my previous post, expecially Franz who
pointed to the relevant EU regulations. A working link is

I understand that indeed one can 'easily' move, for example, 10.000
bequerels of Cf252 in this continent, this quantity being exempt. That
much Cf would shoot some 300 neutrons per second, which would be enough
for my purposes and probably further extend my lifespan (being myself
living proof that hormesis works). I would imagine no other <10^4 Bq
alpha-Be source would produce neutrons with >3% efficiency, maybe
somebody can correct me there.

Next obvious question: anybody in Europe or elsewhere (excepting The
Source, thank you, who doesn't understand my English) capable or willing
to provide exempt Cf sources?

Maybe I should call in my karma chips on this: in my academic past I
used to liberally gave away free Am and Cm sources I used to make myself
by the time-tested "dip a needle and burn it on a flame" method, in
particular to poor high school teachers who could so do experiments that
probably would now land them on the front page on the NY Times. So,
anybody in this or any vicinity can loan  me  a free exempt Cf sample
for evaluation purposes?

Thank you all again and have a great week


Marco Caceci
LQC sl

The Hague
The Netherlands

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