[ RadSafe ] Exempt neutron sources

Bill wwebber2004 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 12 18:56:06 CDT 2007

Philo T. Farnsworth: Inventor of the modern Television and the tabletop 
fusion reactor.
You can build your own fusion reactor for $1000 in parts. It produces up 
to 1,000,000 neutrons/sec.
Just thought you might like to know about another source of neutrons. 
These are available on the net.

Marco Caceci wrote:
> Thanks to all who commented on my previous post, expecially Franz who
> pointed to the relevant EU regulations. A working link is
> http://ec.europa.eu/energy/nuclear/radioprotection/doc/legislation/9629_
> en.pdf
> I understand that indeed one can 'easily' move, for example, 10.000
> bequerels of Cf252 in this continent, this quantity being exempt. That
> much Cf would shoot some 300 neutrons per second, which would be enough
> for my purposes and probably further extend my lifespan (being myself
> living proof that hormesis works). I would imagine no other <10^4 Bq
> alpha-Be source would produce neutrons with >3% efficiency, maybe
> somebody can correct me there.
> Next obvious question: anybody in Europe or elsewhere (excepting The
> Source, thank you, who doesn't understand my English) capable or willing
> to provide exempt Cf sources?
> Maybe I should call in my karma chips on this: in my academic past I
> used to liberally gave away free Am and Cm sources I used to make myself
> by the time-tested "dip a needle and burn it on a flame" method, in
> particular to poor high school teachers who could so do experiments that
> probably would now land them on the front page on the NY Times. So,
> anybody in this or any vicinity can loan  me  a free exempt Cf sample
> for evaluation purposes?
> Thank you all again and have a great week
> Marco
> Marco Caceci
> LQC sl
> The Hague
> The Netherlands
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