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This may not be strictly true because:

(a)  If the biomass is not replaced, then there is a net increase in the CO2
and also a decrease in the sink (i.e., rain forest).

(b) the chemical and biological kinetics of the new growth may lag behind
the production rate for a while.

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> RuthWeiner at aol.com wrote:
> > .  Forcing a state like New Mexico to get a fraction of electricity
> > from "renewables" (including biomass which produces more CO2 per BTU,
> > not less, than coal) does nothing except make electricity more
> > expensive.  And so on.
> >
>        ---Burning biomass does not add any net CO2 to the Earth's
> atmosphere, because the CO2 it emits was originally removed from the
> atmosphere in growing the biomass.
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