[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

Blaine Howard blainehoward at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 17 14:47:35 CDT 2007

Dear Kai,
	I read your comments about “The Great Global Warming
Swindle “ with interest.  I wondered how you missed
the whole point of the video.
	The main points are:

Man made emissions are trivial and CO2 concentrations
do not drive global warming.  It is not a cause and
effect relationship, so x% increase in CO2 will have
no effect on global warming.
The great oceans are a tremendous reservoir for CO2
which buffers the effect of current emissions,
spreading it over hundreds of years.
The primary factors for global warming (and cooling)
are the SUN and the CLOUDS (water vapor).
These are factors over which we have absolutely no
control.  So to limit the underdeveloped countries to
not using the energy sources available to them and
asking them to get there electricity from solar and
wind generators is ridiculous and cruel to the poor
people of those countries.
The earth has a tremendous capacity for temperature
control since it was designed by the ultimate expert. 
So we need to back off from trying to control the
uncontrollable and develop the energy sources He has
made available to us for the benefit of all mankind.

Blaine N. Howard

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