[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

Ruth Sponsler jk5554 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 17 16:08:46 CDT 2007


If the release of huge amounts of CO2 is risk-free and
without consequence...

Should TXU have stuck with its plan for 8 or 11
coal-fired power plants in Texas??  Did "He" ordain
these coal plants and their particulate/CO2 emissions
(particulate emissions are a hazard to human health)? 
Or has "He" endowed us with the capability of
learning, science, and the ability to do things a
better way?

Did TXU make a mistake when it consulted with
insurance companies and professional risk managers
...and cancelled most of the coal plants...and instead
ordered two 1700MW nuclear reactors?

You might wish to update by checking out 




Much skepticism about climate change is driven, I
believe, by the fact that the anti-nuclear,
anti-everything "environmental crowd" has jumped onto
the "global warming" bandwagon.  As most here know,
these folks believe that people should go back to
riding bicycles and using the energy eqivalent of one
or two lightbulbs.  They completely ignore
technological solutions to problems.  
Unfortunately, (I have criticized him numerous times
at my blog for this), Al Gore panders to these people.
 Al Gore should know MUCH better.  His father was a
big supporter of Oak Ridge.  

Oak Ridge's late Dr. Alvin Weinberg helped establish
the science that led to the Keeling atmospheric CO2

I might like to close with an excellent comment from
MIT hurricane scientist Kerry Emanuel, no skeptic of
climate change.  In the concluding paragraphs of the
article linked below, he writes:


"Had it not been for green opposition, the United
States today might derive most of its electricity from
nuclear power, as does France; thus the
environmentalists must accept a large measure of
responsibility for today’s most critical environmental

Why is it that insightful pieces like the one authored
by Kerry Emanuel receive so little attention at
Radsafe.  As a community of scientifically-trained
people, we should be open to discussions about points
like the ones that Dr. Emanuel brings up.

I recommend those on this list interested in the
climate issue to read Kerry Emanuel's article and
closely consider it rather than resort to the siren
song of kneejerk "global warming skepticism."

We need to give thought and a science-oriented mindset
to this climate issue.  While there are extremists who
are exagerrating the consequences of increased
atmospheric CO2, Kai Kaletsch's assessment was
thoughtful.  I do not believe that pumping large
amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere is risk-free.

Many on Radsafe are involved in a technology that is
key to addressing the climate situation....unless by
mistake I somehow wound up on the Coal Combustion
Operators' Group List.  :-)


(for critique of Al Gore, see)

--- Blaine Howard <blainehoward at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Kai,
> 	I read your comments about “The Great Global
> Warming
> Swindle “ with interest.  I wondered how you missed
> the whole point of the video.
> 	The main points are:
> Man made emissions are trivial and CO2
> concentrations
> do not drive global warming.  It is not a cause and
> effect relationship, so x% increase in CO2 will have
> no effect on global warming.
> The great oceans are a tremendous reservoir for CO2
> which buffers the effect of current emissions,
> spreading it over hundreds of years.
> The primary factors for global warming (and cooling)
> are the SUN and the CLOUDS (water vapor).
> These are factors over which we have absolutely no
> control.  So to limit the underdeveloped countries
> to
> not using the energy sources available to them and
> asking them to get there electricity from solar and
> wind generators is ridiculous and cruel to the poor
> people of those countries.
> The earth has a tremendous capacity for temperature
> control since it was designed by the ultimate
> expert. 
> So we need to back off from trying to control the
> uncontrollable and develop the energy sources He has
> made available to us for the benefit of all mankind.
> Sincerely,
> Blaine N. Howard
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