[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

Kai Kaletsch eic at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 17 16:06:51 CDT 2007

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> Hi Blaine,
> Yes, I understand that the program was trying to make the first point that 
> CO2 DOESN'T DRIVE GLOBAL WARMING. To me, that is an irrelevant point. 
> Maybe, solar activity has more effect than CO2. That does not necessarily 
> mean we don't have to worry about the perturbations that CO2 causes, above 
> what is caused by solar activity. In fact, when they present the graph of 
> solar activity vs temperature, there is pretty good agreement, until you 
> get to the last 30 years. Both lines go in the same direction, but by 
> completely different magnitudes. So, it looks like something changed (i.e. 
> a perturbation was introduced) in the solar activity vs climate 
> relationship. (They don't leave that graph on the screen very long. They 
> take their time following the curves as they get drawn for the last few 
> hundred years, where they agree very well, and then take the graph off 
> very quickly after the last 30 years are drawn and one line shows a slight 
> kink upwards and the other one seems to go off the chart.)
> Now, it looks like I indeed missed your second point that "...x% increase 
> in CO2 will have no effect on global warming." Where exactly was that 
> point made? In fact, I got the complete opposite impression: Near the end 
> of the show, one of the skeptics argues that the global warming proponents 
> are using bigger CO2 emissions than there actually are and he goes on to 
> say something like NO WONDER they are predicting high temperature 
> increases.
> I don't understand how that statement is compatible with your assertion 
> that x% increase in CO2 will have no effect on global warming. That 
> skeptic seems to say that, obviously, CO2 causes global warming, but we 
> overestimate the effect because we overestimate the source term.
> Best Regards,
> Kai
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>> Dear Kai,
>> I read your comments about "The Great Global Warming
>> Swindle " with interest.  I wondered how you missed
>> the whole point of the video.
>> The main points are:
>> Man made emissions are trivial and CO2 concentrations
>> do not drive global warming.  It is not a cause and
>> effect relationship, so x% increase in CO2 will have
>> no effect on global warming.
>> The great oceans are a tremendous reservoir for CO2
>> which buffers the effect of current emissions,
>> spreading it over hundreds of years.
>> The primary factors for global warming (and cooling)
>> are the SUN and the CLOUDS (water vapor).
>> These are factors over which we have absolutely no
>> control.  So to limit the underdeveloped countries to
>> not using the energy sources available to them and
>> asking them to get there electricity from solar and
>> wind generators is ridiculous and cruel to the poor
>> people of those countries.
>> The earth has a tremendous capacity for temperature
>> control since it was designed by the ultimate expert.
>> So we need to back off from trying to control the
>> uncontrollable and develop the energy sources He has
>> made available to us for the benefit of all mankind.
>> Sincerely,
>> Blaine N. Howard

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