[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

Ruth Sponsler jk5554 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 21:33:12 CDT 2007

I'm not sure that my message yesterday went through
properly to the list.  (Yahoo spam filter...)

In brief, please see "Phaeton's Reins" by MIT
climatologist Dr. Kerry Emanuel.  Dr. Emanuel is a
hurricane scientist and he believes that 'global
warming' is indeed occurring.

He breaks through a lot of the "party line"
polarization on the climate issue.  Read the last few
paragraphs of the article.


Dr. Emanuel also supports nuclear energy, which is the
topic of this list.  

A proper approach to CO2 mitigation could be very good
(money, jobs...) for nuclear energy.  I hope everyone
here knows that a few (thousand) windmills don't
generate enough CO2-free energy for modern
civilization.  But...we don't have to have coal

The two "party line" poles on the climate issue
obscure the science and the creativity needed to find
solutions.  What I mean by "party lines" is the
skeptic/Sen. Inhofe crowd on the one side and the "Al
Gore/wind power/oh-but-we-don't-want-nukes" crowd on
the other side.

I would like to see more insight and fewer "party
lines" on this list. 

~Ruth Sponsler

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