[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

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Dr. Khalid Aleissa wrote:
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Although the topic is interesting but, I do not see any real
relationship between global warming and radiation protection? 



One connection is that nuclear power is a prominent option for moving
toward a low-carbon or non-carbon economy.  Interestingly, on the
climate blog, www.realclimate.org , a continuing argument between
environmental "purists" and those of us more pragmatically inclined, is
whether nuclear power is allowable as part of the mix for replacing
carbon-based energy.  RealClimate, by the way, is the best source I am
aware of for sound information from climate scientists about climate
science aimed at a technically educated, but not climate-specialist
audience.  In particular, it has a lot to say about the Global Warming
Swindle swindle-video and about William Broad's recent NYTimes piece,
both of them introduced to RADSAFE.

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