[ RadSafe ] Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Mon Mar 19 21:18:59 CDT 2007

March 19

         If we are to believe the Independent it looks like someone is 
playing fast and loose with the truth.  (Did anyone note the pro forma use 
of the pejorative "right-wing" Washington think-tank to describe the George 
C Marshall Institute?)  I have no views either way on the GCM Institute.

         Pollution blocking the sun -- well it's only a hypothesis.  How 
much pollution is produced by volcanoes and forest fires as compared to 
that of humans?  We humans could well be more puny than we like to think we 

Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

At 09:14 AM 3/19/07 -0600, Kai Kaletsch wrote:
>it looks like the film The Great Global Warming Swindle [see 
>http://video.google.com:80/videoplay?docid=-4520665474899458831 ] may 
>itself be a fraudumentary [ see for example 
>I was wondering why all the data presented stopped in the 1980s. It turns 
>out that was when the data sets were discredited. It turns out that 
>neither solar activity or CO2 do a very good job of explaining the cooling 
>observed after 1940 [ see 
>http://www.junkscience.com/Greenhouse/aerosol.gif ]. One hypothesis is 
>that pollution was blocking the sun. --- So much for the assertion that we 
>puny humans can't possibly affect the climate.


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