[ RadSafe ] RE: Solar Activity and Arctic Temperatures

Gary Damschen gary at pageturners.com
Tue Mar 20 22:09:10 CDT 2007


Since I was treated to a series of polemics, pro and con, the last time I
asked about the science behind anthropogenic global warming claims, I have
refrained from further posts. However, with the recent warming threads, I
would like to ask for comment regarding the theory posited at


I would appreciate it if we could refrain from ad hominem attacks on Dr.
Spencer and/or his theory this time, particularly attacks on his education,
funding sources, level of dis/belief in anthropogenic causes of warming,
etc. If his theory and data are credible, I don't see that any of those
things matter, anyway. So, I'm hoping for well-reasoned responses regarding
the potential validity of his theory and his presented data, particularly
with respect to how well it does or doesn't support his position regarding
the claimed "settled"ness of climate change research and where he thinks
research should be focused.


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