[ RadSafe ] Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Fri Mar 23 06:45:55 CDT 2007

And TO other interested participants .....

This thing is beginning to take on some depressing aspects even though 
(I'm confident) none of the participants intended any such outcome. I 
have never previously heard lies or straw men referred to as technical 
terms and no one wished a participant to unsubscribe to the List. This 
controversy is serious science and engineering to most concerned because 
it bears heavily on the potential utility of nuclear power.

I'd like to see explicit disagreements with the article by the Hieb's. 
And as more exchanges take place, I wonder more and more why there has 
not been a peep out of opposing teams about the paper (the content, not 
the irrelevant "problems" over where it appeared, and so on) by Z. 
Jaworowski: which (again) can be seen at:


That paper is by a widely recognized scientist who has worked and 
published in realms of climatology. Agree or not, the contents of that 
paper are assembled very well and are extremely well documented. Aside 
from my limited impressions, I hope some will read the darn thing and 
stop the concern over why it happened to be published where it was. 
Given the unfortunate history of some esteemed western journals, I 
suggest that there might be some eastern Europeans who wonder why people 
publish in them. That simply is usually a very minor scientific issue, 
no matter how great it might seem to 'great' universities, government 
agencies, and large industries. Science welcomes information and data 
whether or not scientists do so.
The content and reliability of the data are what count.
Maury&Dog          (maurysis at peoplepc com)


Steven Dapra wrote:

> March 22
> On March 20 Steven Dapra (SD) wrote:
> "This is a very informative website with a lot of useful and equally 
> informative links. My thanks to Brian Riely for posting this link.  It 
> is beginning to look like man-made "global warming" is a fraud and a 
> hoax. It would seem that the earth is in a cycle of warming, and that 
> man-made chemicals have nothing to do with 


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