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Flanigan, Floyd Floyd.Flanigan at nmcco.com
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I am sorry to hear that we have come across as such. The issue, however,
is not an all or nothing. It is truth. The truth is the truth. When
someone tries to garner support from the scientific community (us) to
support anything which can be clearly exposed as untrue, we respond
accordingly. Although part and parcel of our employment is, in many
cases, based on regulatory limit enforcement, the majority on this list
have posted at one time or another that the limits for exposure are set
far too low. This is, in its self, professional suicide in the long run
for some, but it's the TRUTH. 

So on the subject of global warming, we may appear to be taking an
extreme point of view, but in reality, we are simply supporting the
truth. Building new nuclear power plants is a good idea with or without
the carbon dioxide piece. Cost per kwhr alone supports it not to mention
the hydrogen production which will be put to good use in the near

Please don't lose faith in us Ruth. We are whiney, crotchety, silly and
at times cruel ... but the one thing you can count on is that we will
seek the right thing over self promotion on almost every occasion.

Floyd W. Flanigan B.S.Nuc.H.P.

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This list has become host to extremist
"all-or-nothing" viewpoints that paint climate
scientists as environmental extremists.

I am quite disappointed about this, in light of the
fact that, today, in my state of North Carolina, Duke
Energy has just passed a milestone on its way to
possible new nuclear power construction, and has, in
fact, cited limitation of carbon dioxide emissions as
one (but not the only) justification for possible new
nuclear build.  


In its news release, Duke Energy said,
"The commission ruled that it is appropriate for the
utility to pursue the development of the project to
preserve nuclear generation as an option for
customers. The commission offered its general
assurance that such activities are appropriate.

"While we continue to review the full order to
understand its implications, we are pleased with the
ruling and view it as an important show of support for
new nuclear generation to meet the growing needs of
customers in the Carolinas," said Ellen Ruff,
president of Duke Energy Carolinas.

Nuclear generation has zero greenhouse gas emissions
and is a key part of Duke Energy Carolinas' plan to
reduce the carbon footprint of our generation

.. "We also look forward to continuing to work with
the commission and lawmakers in both Carolinas to
facilitate construction of this important clean energy
source," she said."  

In addition, in a completely separate story, Anne
Lauvergeon of Electricite de France and former CIA
director John Deutch have said that the United States
should act to cap emissions of greenhouse gases or
risk losing global leadership.  


But here on the list, these utility CEOs and leaders
are seen as just a bunch of people "duped" into
believing in a "hoax" perpetrated by "left-wing"
climatologists like MIT hurricane scientist Dr. Kerry


Dr. Emanuel criticizes the "Green" extremists for
their anti-nuclear views.

It seems there is no room on this list for a centrist,
independent viewpoint between the extremes of the
anti-technology, anti-everything viewpoint of
Greenpeace (on the Left) and the "let's
release_unlimited_CO2_" viewpoint of Sen. James Inhofe
(on the Right).

A political climate is dangerous when it allows no
room between extremes.

~Ruth Sponsler

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