[ RadSafe ] The sky is falling!

Flanigan, Floyd Floyd.Flanigan at nmcco.com
Wed Mar 21 08:20:52 CDT 2007

The sky fell here as well a couple of weeks ago in the form of 23 inches
of snow. I've no idea why they refer to this as the 'Midwest'. The
northern border of my state touches Canada for crying out loud. I took a
few snow days. Not because I couldn't make it in to the office. That
would have been easy. I just decided to take advantage of the chance to
participate in it all rather than observing for a change. I, my Wife and
our Jack Russell Terrier (Odd Job the eight pound fury) took several
walks while the snow fell, out to the park and around the town and its
many beautiful parks. The wind was near calm and the temperature was
quite bearable and under these conditions, the whole of it all was
refreshing. All things which normally stand out became muted by the
alabaster blanket and the things which normally go unnoticed became
wondrous and majestic. I was, in a word, recharged. I hope both of you
have had a chance to do similar things of late. If not, I hope the
opportunity presents its self soon. When it does, my advice would be,
join in. I had forgotten why I do all I do. You get wrapped up thinking
it's for the cars and the houses and the toys and the prestige. Then you
realize you got into this line because you believed in something and you
wanted to watch over it ... watch it grow ... ensure it was around for
your kids to enjoy. 


Yup ... The sky falls now and again. But it's people like us who tell
people why it fell. And then we figure out how to put it back. It's
amazing ... when you get to the truth of the matter ... a great number
of us on this line are environmentalists at heart. We've seen the strip
mines and oil fields and we support a better way. And yet we are the
ones the self-proclaimed 'tree huggers' focus on more often than not.
Isn't it ironic?


So ... keep your chin tucked and your left jab out there and keep
fighting the good fight. I know I will. And let truth dictate direction.





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Amen, Sir!  The sky fell here last Thursday after I made a mistake on
Wednesday. I'm taking a series of "observations" from my model
(airplane) behavior in order to formulate scientific conclusions about
the bees in my backyard and their effects on local climate. Please wait
with your breath baited; later you might use the baited breath bubbles
for a fishing trip!
Maury&Dog  (maurysis at peoplepc.com)
Remain watchful: Dew is formed on leaves when the sun shines down on
them and makes them perspire.
Flanigan, Floyd wrote:

There is, of course, something to be said for being fore-warned but, it
is the motive of those doling out the warnings which interests me the
most. Are they truly trying to be helpful or just to be 'right'? I could
sit back and predict that every c


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