[ RadSafe ] The sky is falling!

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Tue Mar 20 17:59:57 CDT 2007

Amen, Sir!  The sky fell here last Thursday after I made a mistake on 
Wednesday. I'm taking a series of "observations" from my model 
(airplane) behavior in order to formulate scientific conclusions about 
the bees in my backyard and their effects on local climate. Please wait 
with your breath baited; later you might use the baited breath bubbles 
for a fishing trip!
Maury&Dog  (maurysis at peoplepc.com)
Remain watchful: Dew is formed on leaves when the sun shines down on 
them and makes them perspire.
Flanigan, Floyd wrote:

>There is, of course, something to be said for being fore-warned but, it
>is the motive of those doling out the warnings which interests me the
>most. Are they truly trying to be helpful or just to be 'right'? I could
>sit back and predict that every c

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