[ RadSafe ] Interlocks - Any relevant ANSI Standards

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For those interested in this topic, please note there is a course titled
"System Safety and Safety Systems for Accelerators" on the program of the
next US Particle Accelerator School (the second week of June 4 - 15, 2007,
Lansing, MI). The instructor is Kelly Mahoney (Jefferson Lab). For details,
please see http://uspas.fnal.gov/


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Here at RPI some enterprizing students are engaged in a design project to
provide an interlock for access to our accelerator's target room. In an
effort to resolve one issue with the design I am looking to identify any
ANSI standard or similar standard that specifically addresses the
design/safety components of any interlock used for accelerators, multicurie
irradiation facilties, etc..

  So any info is appreciated

  If you wish to reply to me directly use my RPI address at collop at rpi.edu

  Thanks in advance

  Pete C.

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